DWI – Never Again After The First Offense

DWI or driving while intoxicated with alcohol (or drugs) is considered a very serious offense especially in western nations and other progressive countries. The seriousness of the offense is due to the fact that intoxicated drivers are real potential road killers on the loose.

By measurable rule of law a driver could be charged with the driving while intoxicated offense when his blood has over .08% alcohol content. This more serious offense could bring imprisonment to the offender compared to the comparatively lighter offense of driving under the influence or DUI.

The offending driver is charged with DUI when his blood alcohol content is more than .08%. With DUI, the offender could just be given a ticket and spend a day in court while the DWI offender faces the greater possibility of landing in jail.

It is therefore extremely important to seek competent legal help when you are charged with the more serious offense of driving while intoxicated. And since various states and countries have different laws governing specific locations where the offenses were committed, it is quite important to employ the services of specialized attorneys with the appropriate experience and jurisdiction.

This is also because the court law requires that offenders be properly represented by lawyers with the right expertise. And since the possible punishment for intoxicated drivers could be as serious as serving a prison sentence, the offender would really need the competent legal assistance of highly proficient lawyers.

For first time offenders proven guilty of driving while intoxicated, the punishment may involve several factors. First, he is required to pay a fine of a couple of thousands of dollars depending on the law requirement of the state or country where the driving offense is committed.

Then the offender is committed to prison for a minimum of three days when there are no aggravating factors like the presence of other passengers especially babies in the car. With the aggravating factors, his jail term could go to as long as six months.

Furthermore, the court usually orders the convicted offender to perform community service. It could start with three days and could go to as long as two weeks depending on the gravity of the offense.

If the drunken driver is proven to have substance addiction problems, he may be ordered by the court to undergo official rehabilitation. This is so that he could be kept from unnecessarily hurting others on the road the next time he goes behind the wheels again.

The good news is that a high percentage of DWI convicted drivers no longer commit the same offense after they suffer the real serious punishment for intoxicated driving.

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